​Dr. Kim Denitria Green

Dr. Green is a passionate teacher and scholar and is enthusiastic about opportunities to have meaningful intellectual exchanges with students and colleagues.


Dr. Green believes that her role as an Assistant Professor of English in Claflin University’s Department of English requires her to help students become more conscious of the world around them and more equipped to participate actively and humanely in that world. She enjoys using discussions about African American and African Canadian literary works as vehicles to foster students’ consciousness and productivity in the various communities they inhabit. Dr. Green also is committed to producing scholarship that ignites awareness of understudied components of the literatures and histories of people of African descent in North America, and she hopes that awareness helps create more complex perspectives on those literatures and histories.


Emory University, Atlanta, GA
Ph.D. in English

Claflin University, Orangeburg, SC
Bachelor of Arts in English and Secondary Education

Kim Green
​Dr. Kim Denitria Green
Assistant Professor of English
  • School of Humanities & Social Sciences
Grace Thomas Kennedy, 205